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Publié : 15 décembre 2009

Christmas in the United States

by Rose Landau, our American language assistant.

As in France, Americans observe Christmas on December 25th. However we start decorating, planning, buying gifts and getting into the "Christmas spirit" with the annual Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City and its traditional Santa Claus float.

Most families display a Christmas tree in their homes. Christmas trees are sometimes real evergreen trees, but more often plastic trees that get reused every year. We decorate these trees with tinsel, lights and ornaments. Most families try and add a few new ornaments every year, usually commemorating a happy occasion like a baby’s first Christmas or a couple’s first Christmas being married.

Businesses and private schools usually display Christmas trees as well.

Nativity scenes are also seen, but unlike the rest of the Christmas decorations, these depictions of Jesus’s birth are only displayed by those who are practising Christians.

Almost all popular musicians have a Christmas album, and there are many Christmas movies. Most Americans have a favorite movie they watch every year- mine is Love Actually !-

Christmas is, for most Americans, being with family. Schools are on vacation from at least Christmas Eve until January 2nd, and many offices are closed as well, because many people travel to visit family members they don’t see any other time of year. For example, my parents and brother and I leave New Jersey to go to my grandfather’s house in Chicago where my mom grew up.

New Year’s is also an important holiday for Americans. We celebrate by watching The Ball Drop in New York, which marks the first day of the New Year but also the end of the Christmas season.