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Publié : 15 décembre 2009

Read the news !

To read the news, you can use the links to The New York Times, The Guardian, or the BBC on this site.

You can also go to :

You may find the following articles interesting :
Movie Review. My Name is Khan

Thirty Knots, With the Wind at Your Wings, by HENRY FOUNTAIN. Published : February 8, 2010

Jim Crow Policing, by BOB HERBERT. Published : February 1, 2010

Fearless, by OLIVIA JUDSON. February 2, 2010

Uncovered : the man behind Coleridge’s Ancient Mariner, by Vanessa Thorpe, The Observer, Sunday 31 January 2010

J. D. Salinger, Literary Recluse, Dies at 91, by CHARLES McGRATH. Published : January 28, 2010

March of the Peacocks, by PAUL KRUGMAN. Published : January 28, 2010

’Resonant, meaningful, truthful – this music is 20th-century America’s real gift to the world’. Nick Tosches introduces our series of portraits of America’s musical giants. Watch him in conversation with photographer Jamie-James Medina. The Observer, Sunday 24 January 2010

Politics in the Age of Distrust, by DAVID BROOKS. Published : January 21, 2010

You Saw What in ‘Avatar’ ? Pass Those Glasses ! By DAVE ITZKOFF. Published : January 20, 2010

Haiti. Published : January 14, 2010

Photography’s first footsteps : Points of View at the British Library. Andrew Dickson and Alex Healey, Wednesday 13 January 2010

Google Takes a Stand, by NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF. Published : January 14, 2010

Learning From Europe, by PAUL KRUGMAN.Published : January 10, 2010

Obama Plays Down Military Role in Yemen, by SARAH WHEATON. Published : January 10, 2010

Footprints show tetrapods walked on land 18m years earlier than thought, by Karen McVeigh. Published : Wednesday 6 January 2010

In the CDI, you can read The Economist.
It is a weekly news magazine, founded in 1843. Its headquarters are in London.
You will find articles about politics, business, technology, and the arts. If you think you cannot read the long articles, try the short ones !

Here is a selection (the titles in italics indicate the short articles) :

January 30th-February 5th 2010
Tablet computing.The book of Jobs p.11
The state-of-the-union speech. The limits to verbiage p.12-13

Poland’s strong economy. Horse power to horsepower p.33-34
Auschwitz 65 years on. The power of history p.34
Rebranding Nicolas Sarkozy . Le roi s’amuse p.34-35
Oskar Lafontaine. Left turn ahead ? p.37

Reversing inequality. For he that hath p.40-41
What Britain thinks. Whatever p.41

Middle East & Africa
A jazz revival in Ethiopia. Swing along again p.45
Reporting Iraq. Still fraught p.46
A debate about fashion in Qatar. Cross about cross-dressing p.48

United States
The family in figures. Men and marriage p.53
Lexington. The party of No p.54

A special report on social networking after p.54

January 23rd-29th 2010 Issue cover for January 23rd 2010
Big government. Stop ! p.9-10
The Massachusetts election. The man who fell to earth p.10
Sri Lanka’s presidential election. Between a rock and a hard man p.11

Manufacturing blues. Another one bites the dust p.31-32

United States
The Massachusetts shocker
California’s Central Valley. The Appalachia of the West p.41
Pets in the recession. Howls for help p.42
Lexington. The fat plateau p.43

Renault and meddling politicians. Attempted carjack p.56
The business of dissecting electronics. The lowdown on teardowns p.56-57

January 16th-22nd 2010 Issue cover for January 16th 2010
The Obama presidency, one year on. Time to get tough p.11
The earthquake in Haiti. Hell on earth p.12

France’s ban on the burqa. The war of French dressing p.27
Immigration in Italy. Southern misery p.28

A trial without a jury. Peerless p.35

Middle East & Africa
South Africa’s education system. No one gets prizes p.39

United States
Food and poverty. The Big Apple is hungry p.44
Lexington. Bin Laden’s legacy p.45

Pills get smart. Potential encapsulated p.58

Tsutomu Yamaguchi p.81

January 2nd-January 8th 2010 Issue cover for January 2nd 2010
Women and work. We did it ! p.7

The election campaign. Under starter’s orders p.27-28

Middle East & Africa
Iran’s turmoil. Growing signs of desperation p.30-31
East Africa’s common market. It really may happen p.32

United States
Health reform. The home stretch p.36

Laotian Hmong refugees in Thailand. Shown the door p.40
Sri Lanka’s displaced Tamils. A market-based solution p.42

Agriculture and climate change. Why farms may be the new forests p.44

December 19th 2009-January 1st 2010
Detroit’s emptiness. The art of abandonment p.77-80
Being foreign. The others p.85-87
Rice in Japan. You are what you eat p.97-99
Harry Potter.The Harry Potter economy p.113-115
Difficult languages. Tongue twisters p.128-129

December 12th -18th 2009

Issue cover for Dec 12 2009

Struggling giants. Toyota slips up p.11
Innovation. The military-consumer complex p.16

Cyprus, Turkey and the European Union. A Mediterranean maelstrom p.31-33
Cyprus’s history. Aphrodite’s troubled island p.32
Expanding Heathrow airport. Clearer skies ? p.40

Technology Quarterly
Glue bones p.4
Who pays for the pipes ? p.7
A question of character p.8

The Americas
Canada’s Nisga’a. Home-owning nation p.52

Panettone season arrives. A piece of cake p.64

Science & Technology
Virtual autopsies. A cut from CSI p.80

Books & Arts
France and the Ottomans. When we and they were friends p.84

December 5th -11th 2009 Issue cover for Dec 5th 2009
The Copenhagen Summit. Stopping climate change p.11-12
The surge in Afghanistan. The perils of keeping everybody happy p.14

Attitudes to immigration. This sceptical isle p.37

Middle East & Africa
Land reform in South Africa. Hurry up p.41
A special report on climate change and the carbon economy after p.48

United States
Black unemployment. Not so colour-blind p.50
Rows over the Nativity. No crib for a bed p.52

Science and technology
Electricity generation. No pinch of salt p.80